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IRS Test(s)

To take the Filing Year 2019/2020 IRS Test(s), go to VITA/TCE Central

Be sure to look at VTA-2101 before taking IRS test

Taking the Certification Tests Upd

Useful Pubs:

Note Product Number Title Rev Post
  Publ 4961 VITA/TCE - Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training 1020 10-15-2020 Upd
  Publ 5101 Intake/Interview and Quality Review Training 1020 10-07-2020 Upd
  Publ 5299 VITA/TCE Quality Review Refresher 1120 12-11-2020 Upd
  Form 6744 VITA/TCE Volunteer Assistor's Test/Retest 1020 10-15-2020 Upd