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Advanced Topics

Things all experienced preparers should understand

Topic TY20XX Notes
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) TY2020 Required for test: Supplemental:
Bogart Annuity Calculator TY2020
  • Bogart Annuity Calculator Lesson Upd
  • Bogart Annuity Calculator Scenarios Slides Upd
Investment Income TY2020
  • Investment Income Exercises Slides Upd
  • Investment Income Worksheet PDF Upd
NJ Property Tax TY20xx
  • NJ Property Tax Relief Programs Lesson Upd
NJ Property Tax - Federal vs NJ Amounts TY20xx
  • Property Tax Amounts on Federal and NJ Returns Lesson Upd
  • Property Taxes Worksheet PDF Upd
NJ Tax Refund Calculator TY20xx
  • Handling NJ Income Tax and Property Tax Recoveries Lesson Upd
  • NJ Tax Refund Calculator Exercises Slides Upd
  • NJ Tax Refund Calculator Worksheet PDF Upd
Sale of Home TY20xx
  • Sale of a Main Home Slides Upd
Retirement Income  
  • Retirement Income Exercises Slides Upd
  • Retirement Income Worksheet PDF Upd
Quality Review TY2020
  • NTTC: Quality Review Deck Slides
  • IRS: Pub 5310 - VITA/TCE Tax Return Quality Review Job Aid PDF
Scope TY2020
  • NTTC: Scope Manual Movie
    (Importance of Scope and how to search using Scope Manual)
Medicaid Waiver Payments TY2020
  • NTTC: MWP paid on W2 Movie
    (Medicaid Waiver Payments paid on Form W2)
  • MV: Medicaid Waiver Reported via W2 Demo Movie
  • NTTC: Exploring Education Benefits TY20 Slides
    (All-in-One exercise)
  • NTTC: Education Benefits Tax Law Deck Slides
Special Interest and Dividend Situations  
  • Special Topic document PDF Upd
    (New for TY2020. Includes NJ Tax-exempt bonds)
Federal vs NJ Tax Law  
  • Federal vs NJ Tax Law PDF Upd