NJ Tax Refund Worksheet


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This calculator is specifically designed for handling New Jersey tax refunds.
Some infrequent and more complicated situations are not handled:
  • TP has refunds other than state income tax, PTR, or Homestead Benefit (e.g. medical)
  • TP Made NJ estimated payments after 12/31 of the tax year and wants to allocate refunds
  • TP has unused non-refundable credits and wants to check for a better result
  • TP forced the use of itemized deductions instead of the standard deduction (e.g. MFS situation)
  • TP was claimed as a dependent on another return
  • TP had QBID last year

Do any of the above apply for this TP?

We suggest you use Jeff Bogart's Refund Calculator
Refund(s) received in ?TYC?
Received Pot. Taxable
Total state income tax refund(s) received in ?TYC? for taxes paid in ?TYP?
PTR refund received in ?TYC? for taxes paid in ?TYP?
Did TP itemize in ?TYP? (enter "Not Sure" if you do not have access to ?TYP? return, including Sch A)
HB refund received in ?TYC? for taxes paid in ?TYHB?
Did TP itemize in ?TYHB?
Taxable refund amounts (so far):   Income tax:;   PTR:;   HB:   Total Refunds:
Standard deduction info for ?TYP?
Filing Status
    TP 65 or older   TP blind
    SP 65 or older   SP blind
Standard deduction:
Schedule A info for ?TYP?
Original Revised
Income / Sales Taxes (?LineP_SchA_IorS?)
Were sales taxes used instead of incomes taxes
General sales taxes for ?TYP? (The NJ Sales Tax calculator NJ Sales Tax calculator can be used for this)
Property taxes (?LineP_SchA_PropTax?)
Personal property taxes (?LineP_SchA_PersPTax?) [NJ does not have personal property taxes]
SALT total (Sch A, line 5d)
SALT limit
SALT total (after limit) (Sch A, line 5e)
Other deductions (calculated)
Sch A total itemized deductions (?LineP_SchA_Total?)
Amount for 1040 deduction (max of standard or itemized deductions)
Taxable refund amounts (so far):   Income tax: ;   (Income tax + PTR): ;   HB:
Taxable income test for ?TYP?
Is Taxable income (?LineP_TaxableInc?) greater than zero
AGI (?LineP_AGI?)
Standard deduction or itemized deductions (from Schedule A) (?LineP_StdItemized?)
AGI minus deductions (?LineP_AGI_Minus_Ded?)
Exemptions (?LineP_Exemptions?)
Qualified business income deduction (?LineP_QBID?)
Calculated (negative) taxable income
Taxable refund amounts (so far):   (Income tax + PTR): ;   HB:
Taxable amounts for ?TYC?
Total refunds:   Taxable refunds:   Untaxed refunds:
Taxable state income tax refund (?LineC_IT_Refund?)
TSO: (TS Income > State and Local Refunds > Bypass worksheet line)
Taxable PTR refund
Taxable HB refund
Other income (?LineC_Other_Income?)
TSO: TS Income > Other Income
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